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Tarot readings for your true self.



Hi there, I'm Ruby! 

I read tarot for manifestation rather than divination. This means that instead of being told your destiny you are shown how to determine it yourself. Each of us was born perfect and are unique in all the Universe, with our own divine godspark. We are powerful co-creators of our reality with the Universe and each have a special path and purpose. 

Tarot enables us to access our own intuition, which is really the voice of our true self or soul that can get obscured by external voices and social programming. When we let our true self lead we are able to set intentions for and manifest the life of our dreams. Tarot can also show blocks that need to be cleared or aligned in order to receive our desires.

My role as a reader is to facilitate this connection. Although we all have latent extrasensory skills, I have cultivated them my whole life. My abilities grew after I went through a spiritual awakening and dedicated myself to two years of studying metaphysics. In addition to this site, I read on online tarot platforms and blog about deliberate creation.     

I am able to be a clear channel for Spirit and to collaborate with you in getting clarity, direction and peace of heart on matters including romance, family, home, career, finances, wellness, travel and adventure. I also assist you in increasing your own connection with Source and your power to co-create what you desire with the Universe. I am excited to help you bring more love, abundance, joy, fulfillment, aliveness and gratitude into your life. Blessings to you!



Ruby gives very thoughtful readings - tarot as an art form rather than fortune telling. Her insight was spot on - funny how the cards really can pinpoint a feeling. Thank you Ruby!


Thank you so much for the lovely reading and insight. It makes so much sense. I really like your approach of asking the cards and finding guidance. You have a lovely gift. Very grateful. Blessings.


Wow! Ruby reads the cards like no other. Her reading encapsulates everything you need to move ahead. Her energy is just great! Love her! She is spot on!





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