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The truth about empaths

Updated: May 15, 2019

I am an empath. You are too. But first, being an empath needs a redefinition. It's really one aspect of a bigger term, being energetically open. Words like empathic, intuitive, psychic and any of the clairs (clairvoyant, clairsentient, claircognizant and clairaudient, among others) are all approximations of being energetically open. Besides confusion about what this entails there is also a misconception about who can do it.

Everyone can. We are all born perfect, meaning that we are our true selves, with a direct connection to the higher dimensions, awareness of our own divinity and feeling of oneness with others. Human constructs quickly erode this. Think of it like a clear channel that continually gets jammed with negative messages and limiting beliefs. People who are energetically open retain more of the original state than others. This gives the appearance that their powers are supernatural, when instead they are simply natural. Anyone can increase their abilities if they remove what's blocking this channel.

That brings us to what is commonly called an empath. An unmanaged empath is energetically open but at their lowest frequency. Their channel is clearer than most but what they are picking up primarily is communication from other humans because it's the noisiest and often the most prevalent. Since the majority of people are out of alignment with their original perfect state the energy they exude can be negative (fearful, angry, sad, etc.) and it is overwhelming for someone with heightened reception to encounter.

But this is actually the lowest form of communication for energetically open people and those who default to it do so because they are also out of balance to a degree. It's oneness without the other elements of the natural state: connection with your true self, the higher dimensions and your own divinity. So the widely used definition of an empath as someone who feels the emotions of other people and the challenges associated with it is a misnomer. A fully aligned energetically open person still receives heightened communication from other humans but that's just one aspect of the experience.

Here's what full alignment and having the clearest channel possible means:

You are led by your true self or soul. You receive and act on a continuous stream of guidance from your true self in the form of intuition and creative inspiration.

You have a personal relationship with the higher dimensions (or however you define a higher power) that's as palpable as a conversation, where your prayers are expressively answered and your spiritual understanding increases.

You have a level of knowingness that encompasses the traditional labels for the clairs (which aptly mean clear) but you recognize it as an extension of your connection to your true self and Source rather than an exclusive ability. You understand that it is meant to be used as lightwork to help yourself and others heal and ascend.

You acknowledge your god spark and step into your power as a deliberate creator with sovereignty over your own life and the ability to co-create with the Universe.

You feel oneness with the whole of creation, including nature and animals. You appreciate all your sensory experiences. You are present, alive and grateful.

You experience oneness with humans too but since you are aligned with your true self all your interactions derive from that. You take the lead energetically instead of allowing yourself to be pulled down. You filter out negativity and distractions; you set boundaries. You seek and attract higher vibration people. You communicate authentically and wholeheartedly. You have deeper relationships (and better sex). You and the people you choose to surround yourself with bring each other up as you rise. You serve others with your lightwork. You have compassion and humility about where someone else is on their path and you stay on yours.

This flow is expansive. It's not a curse or even a gift for the few like you've been told. It's your birthright as a divine being and it's available to everyone.

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Aww this is so very beautiful! Eloquent & compassionate & truly empathic. This is the most accurate definition & most powerful & inclusive writing about an empath that I’ve ever read. It’s lovely to be encouraged rather than frowned upon.

You are a jewel with wisdom & energy that make my life more beautiful & I’m so grateful for your presence on the planet, not only for myself, but for all. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom & heart, Ruby.

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